Thursday, April 23, 2009

Entrepreneurship In Action by Moses Isaac

The Rewards And Challenges Of Being An Entrepreneur:

Would you enjoy being an entrepreneur? Are you prepared to deal with the rewards and challenges? although many entrepreneurs "fell into" their roles, the fact that you're interested in studying entrepreneurship and trying to learn all you can about it. Part of that education is understanding the upside and downside of entrepreneurship.

There are many rewards associated with being an entrepreneur! many individuals pursue entpreneurship primarily because of the high degree of independence that it allows them. Infact, researchers have found that the freedom from other constraints - that is, being independent - is the dominant attraction for entrepreneur. Other positive aspects of being an entrepreneur include getting to use a variety of skills and talents, having the freedom to make decisions, being countable only to yourself, having the opportunity to tackle challenges experiencing feelings of achievment and pride in accomplishing goals, and, ofcourse, having the potential to make loads of money can be quiet tempting. However, the financial rewards, which for most entrepreneurs are a nice secondary benefit, are not the primary reason for being an entrepreneur.

What about the challenges associated with being an entrepreneur? Successful entrepreneur will tell you that it's an all - consuming passion, that it's hardwork that involves sacrifices (both personal and professional), and that it's never the same day to day. To be an entrepreneur means that you must be comfortable with change and uncertainty. In fact, the very essence of entrepreneurship implies that change is the normal state of affairs for entrepreneur. With change comes uncertainty and risk. Entrepreneur must be comfortable with change and with taking risks. In addition many of the challenges associated with being an entrepreneur involve making choices. Entrepreneurs face a bewildering array of decisions, which may at times, mean making tough economic choices and dealing with reality of failure.

Entrepreneurship is attracting a lot of attention these days. After reading this blog you should now have a better understanding of this strong interest in entrepreneur and entrepreneurship. And you, hopefully, have begun to decide whether entrepreneurship is the correct choice for you.

Moses Isaac

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